George Floyd

Dear Members of the Bobcat family,

I have watched with great sadness the situation in Minneapolis related to the death of George Floyd. I grieve for his family, friends, and community. While I may never know the personal fear this brings to many of you, I am enraged with you. And, I am all the more committed to making Texas State University a place where you can find healing and solace.

In times like this – when our nation’s attention is turned to the destructive toll racism takes in our communities – we are reminded of how critical it is that we remain steadfast in our commitment to advancing a Texas State culture of equity and inclusion.

I hope we all pause, reflect, and consider the impact of these events on our Bobcat family and those members hit hardest by this tragedy.  Please know that we are here for you and our hearts are with everyone hurting in Minneapolis, nationwide, and here at home.



Denise M. Trauth