A Message from President Denise M. Trauth

Dear Students,

Texas State University is known for being student-centered and that has not changed with the COVID-19 pandemic. With you in mind, we have extensively planned and prepared so that we can preserve as much personalized interaction as safely as possible this fall. YOU are our priority. We are committed to provide you with a successful on-campus educational experience that is healthy, fun, engaging, and rewarding.

To support this goal, the university has adopted Health and Safety Measures that you must follow. These are based on local and state resolutions and State of Texas Governor Executive Orders related to COVID-19. I want to draw your attention to two measures:

  • Face coverings are required indoors and outdoors on Texas State campuses unless you are alone.
  • Outdoor social gatherings in excess of 10 people are prohibited.

Please review Texas State’s Compliance and Enforcement webpage. Students who fail to comply with these policies may face significant consequences that include suspension or expulsion.

You may ask why is Texas State enforcing such strict health and safety measures? What if we didn’t? You may have seen that Notre Dame, the University of North Carolina, and Michigan State University, to name a few, have reduced their on-campus operations, transitioning to online learning temporarily or through the end of the semester. These universities were forced to take swift action because of COVID-19 outbreaks linked to some degree to off-campus social gatherings that did not adhere to health and safety guidelines. To put it bluntly, the choices of a few students negatively impacted the on-campus experience for their peers.

I have faith in you, our Bobcats, to make good decisions and to share in the responsibility to keep our university community safe. Bobcats respect each other and work together to create a healthy and safe learning environment. Bobcats practice healthy behaviors and follow the health and safety guidelines established to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campuses and in the surrounding community.

Bobcats, in-person and online classes start on August 24, 2020. Our campuses are coming back to life -- safely. Other universities have been forced to go completely online. Help us give you the TXST experience you want. It. Is. Up. To. All. Of. Us.


Denise M. Trauth