Being A Bobcat

benbow and trauth

A Joint Message from Texas State University President Denise Trauth and Student Body President Corey Benbow


It is an honor and privilege to serve in leadership roles for this amazing community. Our pledge to you is that we will uphold our unwavering commitment to student success and creating unity and opportunity for all Bobcats.

We are writing this message together to remind our community of the qualities that define a Bobcat. These qualities serve us well, equipping us not only to achieve our dreams, but also to face and overcome challenges. There will be times throughout the upcoming year when our values may be threatened, and when we need to have difficult conversations about how to move forward together. As part of the Bobcat family, we ask all students, faculty, and staff to unite to tackle tough situations, and lift each other up to celebrate successes.

Student Government is collaborating with university leaders on several important initiatives to improve the Texas State community. Student Government representatives are organizing a university-wide Diversity Week in October, and serving on university-level committees, including the Safety and Security Task Force and the Council of Inclusive Excellence. Over the summer, Student Government representatives spoke at New Student Orientation to encourage students to get involved, and they contributed ideas and feedback on the university’s guidelines for demonstrations and protests, set to launch early this fall. They also met with the Hays County Election Commissioner and the San Marcos Mayor about expanding polling locations/days at the San Marcos Campus. 

As we begin this new year together, it’s important to reflect on our shared Bobcat qualities. These values run deep, and deserve to be nurtured and protected not only on our campuses, but also as we share them with the world. 

As Bobcats, we believe in the power of a diverse community where we flourish individually and collectively, joined by a shared desire for knowledge and growth. We value our differences as a source of strength – our superpower. Together we will build an educational environment where students are engaged with diverse perspectives to better prepare them for leadership, citizenship, and the global workforce.

We are united as we stand together against hate, and we commit to building our capacity for inclusion. We believe that white supremacy and other forms of racism and bigotry have no place in our community. We discuss and debate our ideas with passion, respect, and dignity for our fellow Bobcats.  

We serve. We care about our community and fellow Bobcats. We are driven to make the world a better place, seeking solutions that better humanity. We harness the power of our innovation, skills, grit, and knowledge to tackle society’s greatest challenges. 

Together, we can model the way and show Texas and the world that a bright future is shaped by hard work, compassion, and a belief in the power and necessity of diversity and inclusion.




Denise Trauth

Texas State University President


Corey Benbow 

Student Body President