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President Kelly Damphousse is committed to candid, engaging, and timely communication that moves Texas State University forward and connects Bobcats directly to TXST's highest office. 

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Regular updates include the latest initiatives moving TXST towards achieving its bold vision for the future

Monthly video newsletter to alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends of TXST

Resources, tips and words of encouragement for students sent each month

Recent experiences the president enjoyed that capture what’s so special about TXST

“One of the best parts of my job is telling the world about the profound impact our university is making… not just through our academic programs and research enterprise, but in the lives of the people who call TXST home. I am committed to being accessible and maintaining open lines of communication. That is such a fundamental value for me. ”


President Kelly Damphousse

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From on-campus student events to off-campus alumni engagement, Dr. Damphousse (aka KDamp) uses social media to engage with Bobcats near and far.