Office of the President

President Kelly Damphousse

10th President of Texas State University

President Damphousse smiling with three student in front of Old Main and Lampasses

Hopes & Aspirations High

A Vision for the Future of TXST

Texas State University is poised to soar to even greater heights in 2023. There’s a lyric in our alma mater that really resonates with me. I feel it’s especially timely for TXST: “O, Alma Mater, set upon the green hills, with turrets pointing upward to the sky, we yield to thee our love and our devotion; mother of hopes and aspirations high.” Hopes & Aspirations High reminds us of our noble, higher calling to keep students at the heart of all we do. It captures the potential and promise ahead for them and for those of us who have made helping them succeed our life’s work. Transformation is an unending process. The most successful organizations reinvent themselves, never resting on their successes. Hopes & Aspirations High is a vision to build on decades of growth and move TXST forward through our next transformation. 

– President Kelly Damphousse

Two Pillars Define our Hopes & Aspirations High: Elevate Student Success and Run to R1.

Drivers of Change

Commissions, Task Forces, Work Groups

President Damphousse launched commissions, task forces, and a work group to enhance key focus areas in the pursuit of Hopes & Aspirations High. These groups are one of the mechanisms that will bring about change and new initiatives to advance our goals.

Faculty and Staff Insight

Input from faculty and staff is critical in our pursuit of Hopes & Aspirations High. The presidential commissions, work groups and task forces have been intentional in soliciting input through a myriad of methods, including focus groups, surveys, and meetings with leaders who represent staff and faculty groups. Later this spring, we'll share additional ways faculty and staff members can share ideas that address our goals, outside the established groups.

Strategic Planning

Initiatives and actions related to achieving the Hopes & Aspirations High vision support TXST's mission and complement the university's strategic plan and planning process. We have paused completion of the university’s strategic planning process temporarily to provide the opportunity to integrate our newest strategic imperatives into the plan and to better understand our financial situation after the current legislative session. Learn more about this in the President’s March 20 update.


Guiding Principles At-A-Glance

  • Bold and Transformative
  • Data Driven and Evidence Based
  • Strategic
  • Inclusive and Collaborative
  • Transparent and Candid
  • Dismantle Silos for Connected Goals
TXST President Kelly Damphousse with students

“We are on a thousand-mile journey in the pursuit of Hopes & Aspirations High. So far we’ve trekked about six miles. We’ve already made tremendous progress toward our goals and have taken bold steps to bring our vision to life."

- President Kelly Damphousse

Actions Taken and Latest Updates

Stay informed on the latest developments and steps TXST has taken in the pursuit of Hopes & Aspirations High.