Run to R1

The Run to R1 Explained

Texas State University is a national research university on the path to achieve the R1 Carnegie classification. The process will include earning access to the state’s National Research University Fund. Learn more about our Run to R1 and the global impact of our research enterprise.

man in white lab coat looking at large scientific instrument

What is the Run to R1 goal?

Texas State University has earned the Carnegie classification of “Doctoral University: High Research Activity,” or R2. The NEXT goal is to achieve the designation of “Very High Research Activity” – a category known as Research-1, R1. Our Run to R1 includes an important checkpoint along the way - earning access to the state’s National Research University Fund, or NRUF, which is a fund set aside by the Texas Legislature to encourage universities to become engines of innovation and economic development by investing in research. 

How will we reach R1 status?

To grow our research enterprise, Texas State will explore several strategies:

  • Build and leverage existing research strengths and centers of excellence in scholarly activities
  • Increase the number of ambitious, nationally-competitive research proposals submitted to funding agencies and prospective research partners
  • Expand existing research opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students
  • Further develop and capitalize on the university’s intellectual property
  • Expand existing Ph.D. programs and launch new ones that meet demand and align with existing academic and scholarly strengths 

Run to R1 Achievements

  • In the last fiscal year, TXST generated a record $141 million in R&D, an amount that puts TXST ahead of many Texas R1 institutions.
  • With the passing of the Texas University Fund, TXST will receive at least $22 million per year to support our research enterprise, and to elevate the educational experience and career opportunities of our students.
  • Reaching Tier 1 research university status is powered by the NEXT IS NOW Capital Campaign through 2024, and we have surpassed $233 million raised of the $250 million goal.
  • TXST's investment in current PhD programs is already paying off, having enrolled 111 new doctoral students in fall 2023, a 37% increase from the previous year

Goals Surpassed

TXST has already surpassed one of the three key metrics required to achieve R1 – research expenditures. Research expenditures in FY2022 exceeded $110 million, which is comparable to other Carnegie R1 institutions in the country.