Hopes & Aspirations High

TXST's Strategic Vision

Last year we launched Hopes & Aspirations High, an ambitious vision with five bold strategic imperatives — elevate student success, Run to R1, increase enrollment, grow the Round Rock Campus, and become an employer of choice. And, we have made tremendous progress in positioning ourselves to achieve this vision in a very short time.

Bold Steps Taken

  • Created a new Divison of Research to lead the Run to R1 with targeted investments in our research enterprise to recruit 100 additional Ph.D. students
  • Invested more than $17 milion in new funding for existing employees in 2023
  • Welcomed a new Vice President for Global to expand our online, international, and regional presence
  • Welcomed a new Vice President for the Round Rock Campus to transform how the Round Rock Campus serves its students and the greater region

A Vision for the Future of TXST

"When we launched the Hopes & Aspirations High  vision for TXST’s future in 2023, who could have imagined how much we would accomplish toward our goals to reach R1 classification by 2027, enhance student success, increase enrollment, grow the Round Rock Campus, and become an employer of preference?  However, the “why” behind this vision is and always has been clear and simple – our current and future students."

– President Kelly Damphousse

President Damphousse laughing with three students

2023-2029 University Plan

The Hopes & Aspirations High vision serves as the foundation for Texas State's 2023-2029 University Plan

Updates and Messages

Read the President's updates and messages regarding the Hopes & Aspirations vision