Increasing Enrollment

A Top Priority

President Damphousse established a Recruitment Task Force that implemented strategies to increase enrollment among international, transfer, master’s and online students. TXST has executed several additional strategies that build on the work of the task force.
campus full of students

Enrollment = Access and Opportunity 

Increasing enrollment means more students can achieve their dreams while also creating a foundation for sustained growth for TXST. Because so much of our annual budget is impacted by enrollment, the surest path to creating more resources for our faculty and staff is by growing our student body. President Damphousse has committed to not raising tuition for two years, so growing enrollment is key to TXST's financial stability now and in the future.  

While universities in Texas and across the country are facing declining enrollments, TXST is strategically leveraging our momentum, our brand, our location, and your ingenuity to recruit more students (including international and graduate students), to retain more students, and to increase access to a TXST degree by offering more degrees online, at the Round Rock Campus, and at regional and international locations.  

Spring 2024 Enrollment Update

We set records for this Spring with a 3% increase over Spring 2023, which included unprecedented growth in doctoral and international enrollment. Recent adjustments to our recruitment strategies yielded a 43% surge in international enrollment to 1,030 students for Spring 2024 compared to 2023.

93.3% Fall-to-Spring persistence

for First-Time in College students hit a record

59% First-time undergraduate enrollment

increase from Spring 2023