Student Success

Elevating Student Success

Texas State University strives to provide high-quality resources and experiences that engage our diverse student community in advancing their personal, academic, and post-graduation success. Improving student success metrics is a top pillar of the Hopes & Aspirations High vision for TXST’s future.

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What is the Student Success Goal?

  • Expand efforts supporting academic preparedness and excellence.
  • Strengthen student engagement, sense of belonging, and well-being.
  • Increase support for graduate students.
  • Enhance career and post-graduation success.
  • Build student success infrastructure.

How will we reach that goal?

TXST is moving forward with critical investments that will enhance student success:

  • Launching a student success platform that will include software technology that will allow the university to collect, compile, analyze, and act on data that are known to predict student success.
  • Expanding student access to virtual mental health counseling and other initiatives supporting student well-being.

TXST Set Multiple Enrollment Records for Spring 2024

  • Total Spring enrollment (35,378) is up 3%
  • Total Spring undergraduate enrollment (31,704) is up 3%
  • First-time undergraduate (freshman) enrollment (232) is up 59%
  • International student enrollment (1,030) is up 43%
  • PhD enrollment (528) is up 16%
  • Round Rock Enrollment (1,809) is up 7.6%
  • Total Student Credit Hours (437,040) are up 6%


TXST set a record 93.3% persistence rate for First Time in College (FTIC) students who continued from Fall 2023 into Spring 2024
damphousse with large group of students
As we accelerate our progress toward becoming a Research 1 institution, we will stay true to TXST’s long-standing commitment to student success.
Kelly Damphousse
TXST President