Improving the Employee Experience

Employer of Preference

A critical goal of Hopes & Aspirations High is to become an employer of preference for faculty and staff. President Damphousse is committed to recognizing the exceptional work of faculty and staff by addressing the need for competitive salaries and additional positions, as well as the reduction of unnecessary administrative burdens.

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Top Priorities

  • Invest $12.3 million in our TXST employees for FY24
  • Increase pay for student workers
  • Add new staff positions in critical areas
  • Ensure faculty and staff compensation is competitive

Strategies Implemented

Effective September 1, 2023, TXST invested $12.3 million in our TXST employees for FY24, a 6.55% increase over our FY23 salary pool. This includes merit pool raises, increasing eligible salaries with a 2% boost, and new staff positions.
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“Reducing the administrative burden on our campuses is one of the top priorities of my presidency. Reducing excessive and unnecessary administrative burden is a critical next step to improving faculty and staff morale, enhancing student success, and becoming a Research 1 (R1) university."

- President Kelly Damphousse