Growth at the TXST Round Rock Campus

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What's New for Fall 2023

Texas State offers more than 30 degree programs at the Round Rock Campus. This fall TXST is launching new programs and expanding its current programs, with the goal of bringing more than 500 additional students to campus starting in August. TXST is:

  • Expanding the bachelor’s degree program in Mass Communications.
  • Expanding the bachelor’s and master’s degree program in Organization, Workforce, and Leadership Studies.
  • Expanding the bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in Computer Science.
  • Significantly expanding non-credit professional development and training workshops.
  • Increasing the cohort size of some degree programs offered by the College of Health Professions.
  • Expanding enrollment in the master's degree program in Educational Leadership and the bachelor’s degree program in Education (EC-6/ESL).
  • Offering targeted scholarships to recruit Austin Community College graduates to enroll in degree programs offered on the RRC.
two nursing students practicing on a dummy in a hospital bed

“We have a tremendous opportunity to transform and grow our Round Rock Campus. It has the potential to provide affordable, high-quality, and convenient higher education access to thousands of new, future students. It is also poised to house cutting-edge research that complements the world-class technology and health care corporate sectors in the greater north Austin area, which is one of the fastest-growing regions in the country. Opportunities exist to add new programs, both in health professions and non-health professions, to meet the local and state workforce needs.” 


– President Kelly Damphousse

A Bold Vision. Strategic Planning. New Leadership

TXST is in the process of creating an ambitious seven-year plan to bring 10,000 new students to the RRC by 2030 and to reach the goal of becoming the third largest university campus in the Austin Metropolitan Statistical Area to better serve students and the State of Texas.

To ensure a positive experience for our growing RRC students, faculty, and staff, we are making plans to add additional support services and eventually housing on the campus. A comprehensive space study is underway for the campus, including an evaluation of the best use of the future Esperanza Hall. TXST is also hiring a Director of Student Success and Academic Services and a dedicated RRC recruiter to support these initiatives and to grow enrollment in the more than 30 degree programs offered on the RRC.

TXST has launched a nation-wide search for a vice president for operations and community engagement (VPOCE) for the RRC. Once in place, the new vice president will lead a RRC task force to help chart a vision for the future of the campus.

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  • President Damphousse launched the RRC Leadership and Organizational Structure Work Group in Fall 2022 to be forward thinking in establishing a RRC-centric leadership and organizational structure to effectively support the transformation and growth of the campus.

    The group was asked to:

    • Review the draft of the VPOCE position description and make recommended changes, if necessary. (This has been completed)
    • Propose a reporting structure based on the skeleton draft provided by President Damphousse. (This is ongoing)
    • Propose a new account/budget structure. (This is ongoing)

    Dr. Damphousse shared the following guidance with the work group:

    • Envision an organizational structure that breaks down silos, reaching beyond existing departmental structures, and is based on best practices for a branch campus.
    • The RRC is different from the San Marcos Campus in many ways. Resist the temptation to replicate every organizational structure or service of the San Marcos Campus exactly.
    • Ensure an inclusive process. Seek input from key constituent groups; consult with unit directors and vice presidents.

    Archived Updates from the Work Group (January & February 2023)

    February 2023

    Projected population growth in Austin demands that the university expands TXST Round Rock to provide affordable, high-quality, and convenient higher education access to tens of thousands of additional future students. Over the past seven months, the Cabinet and President Damphousse have met with TXST Deans, Round Rock Campus faculty, staff, and students, and community/business leaders in Round Rock to begin developing an aggressive plan to expand TXST’s education, research, and economic development position in the Round Rock/Williamson County area. Our goal is to increase enrollment to 10,000 students by Fall 2029. We are still reviewing the report from the Round Rock Campus Leadership and Organizational Work Group, which will further inform the search to fill the new Vice President of TXST Round Rock position.

    January 2023

    The work group has met several times since it was established and continues to work on the tasks assigned.

    • Task 1 was to review and provide suggested edits to the new Vice President for Operations and Community Engagement (VPOCE) position description. This task has been completed and the work group’s input was submitted December 14, 2022.
    • Task 2 was to suggest a new organizational and reporting structure for the RRC. The work group began identifying areas where changes in alignment and reporting structures would be needed with the new VP position, and then focused on what potential new positions would be required to support the new VP. The work group completed this portion of the task and is currently finalizing two options for a proposed new organizational structure.
    • Task 3 is to review and propose a new budget and account structure for the RRC. This task is ongoing. The work group has begun reviewing the current budget and account structure and created a draft of the changes that will be needed to accommodate the new VP position and related organizational structure changes.

    The work group will complete the required tasks and submit the recommendations by January 16, 2023.

    Members of the RRC Work group

    • Matt Brooks, Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs (Chair)
    • Janet Bezner, Associate Dean, College of Health Professions
    • Cristine Black, Associate Vice President, Budget and Planning
    • Carole Clerie, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
    • Dan Costello, Associate Vice President, Facilities
    • Barbara Covington, Associate Professor, St. David’s School of Nursing
    • Gregg Marshall, Chair, Department of Respiratory Care
    • Danette Myers, Assistant Professor, Health Information Management
    • Laramie McWilliams, Associate Dean of Students
    • Ben Rogers, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Assistance Center
    • Kelly Visnak, Associate Vice President, University Librarian
    • Amy Wong, Coordinator, Round Rock Campus