Round Rock Campus Leadership and Organizational Structure Work Group

Avery building at the TXST Round Rock campus

“We have a tremendous opportunity to transform and grow our Round Rock Campus. We are entering the final stage of moving our last two academic departments within the College of Health Professions from the San Marcos Campus to the Round Rock Campus, making the Round Rock Campus the hub of health science teaching, research, and learning. The Round Rock Campus is also adjacent to a large branch of Austin Community College, several hospitals and medical facilities, and a Texas A&M University medical and nursing facility. Opportunities exist to add new programs, both in health professions and non-health professions, to meet the local and state workforce needs.” 

– Dr. Kelly Damphousse

Vice President Announcement 

In the spring, TXST will launch a nation-wide search for a vice president for operations and community engagement (VPOCE) for our Round Rock Campus. Once in place, the new vice president will lead a Round Rock Campus task force to help chart a vision for the future of the campus. With this as the backdrop, the Round Rock Campus Leadership and Organizational Structure Work Group will guide President Damphousse in constructing the new leadership and organizational structure.


The work group is charged with being forward thinking and helping to establish a Round Rock Campus-centric leadership and organizational structure to effectively support the transformation and growth of the campus. The work group’s key activities will be to:

  1. Review the draft of the VPOCE position description and make recommended changes, if necessary.
  2. Propose a reporting structure based on the skeleton draft provided by President Damphousse.
  3. Propose a new account/budget structure.

Guidance from President Damphousse 

Dr. Damphousse shared the following guidance with the work group:

  • Envision an organizational structure that breaks down silos, reaching beyond existing departmental structures, and is based on best practices for a branch campus.
  • The Round Rock Campus is different from the San Marcos Campus in many ways. Resist the temptation to always replicate every organizational structure or service of the San Marcos Campus exactly.
  • Ensure an inclusive process. Seek input from key constituent groups; consult with the relevant unit directors and the vice presidents, especially given that current positions and titles may need to change to better serve the students, staff, and faculty on the Round Rock Campus.


President Damphousse notified the task force members of their charge on November 18, 2022. Task Force Chair Matt Brooks has been asked to submit the group’s final report by January 16, 2023.

Round Rock Campus Leadership and Organizational Structure Work Group Membership

  1. Matt Brooks, Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs (Chair)
  2. Janet Bezner, Associate Dean, College of Health Professions
  3. Cristine Black, Associate Vice President, Budget and Planning
  4. Carole Clerie, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
  5. Dan Costello, Associate Vice President, Facilities
  6. Barbara Covington, Associate Professor, St. David’s School of Nursing
  7. Gregg Marshall, Chair, Department of Respiratory Care
  8. Danette Myers, Assistant Professor, Health Information Management
  9. Laramie McWilliams, Associate Dean of Students
  10. Ben Rogers, Associate Vice President, Information Technology Assistance Center
  11. Kelly Visnak, Associate Vice President, University Librarian
  12. Amy Wong, Coordinator, Round Rock Campus