Deeds of Valor

President Kelly Damphousse launched a new employee award, inspired by and named after a line in the TXST alma mater: “Thy spirit urges us to deeds of valor, raising the fallen, cheering the oppressed.”

Going Above & Beyond 

Beginning in Fall 2023, the Deeds of Valor award will recognize employees who go above and beyond in the service of others. Awardees will be celebrated for the exceptional ways they carry out the university’s noble mission to serve, inspire, and educate. The award highlights those who work diligently behind the scenes to advance student success, academic rigor, and research excellence at TXST.

Award Criteria

Current employees and students can nominate a faculty or staff member for the award. Small teams of up to five employees at a time can also be nominated. For example, a group of employees in a department or office can be nominated as a team.

Award Timeline

One winner (or a small team of honorees) will be celebrated monthly. The nomination period and award announcement schedule are as follows:

  • September-November: Nomination window is opened
  • December: Nominations are reviewed and honorees are selected
  • January: Honorees are chosen and announced each month throughout the year

Honorees will receive a Deeds of Valor medal and certificate. Award recipients will be recognized in the annual award ceremonies held by the President’s Office. That includes an event in the fall for faculty members and another event in the spring for staff. For questions about the award, contact Dr. Gigi Secuban.

President Kelly Damphousse speaking at an event.

“Our faculty and staff members at Texas State are outstanding. There are many who consistently give 110% and go the extra mile to help others succeed – whether they’re serving students, fellow colleagues, or community partners. I created the Deeds of Valor program because those contributions deserve to be celebrated. Through these awards, I hope to uncover stories of heroic efforts underway in all corners of our institution, across our campuses, classrooms, and research labs."


-Dr. Kelly Damphousse