Presidential Fellows

The Presidential Fellow Leadership Program is a professional development opportunity for faculty members that provides administrative experience at the highest level within a division at TXST. Fellows gain insight into day-to-day university operations, program development and oversight, and the decision-making process of senior-level university leaders.

This program is individually tailored to the selected Fellows' interests, backgrounds, and expertise. Areas of appointment include Academic Affairs, Finance and Support Services, Information Technology, Marketing and Communications, Research, Student Success, and University Advancement. 

Fellows work with a Cabinet Member from one of these areas and are paired with an administrative unit that most closely aligns with their professional aspirations.

jason kwak headshot

Jason Kwak

9/1/23 to 5/31/24

clay green headshot

Clay Green

9/1/23 to 5/31/24

tahir ekin headshot

Tahir Ekin

9/1/21 to 8/31/23

william chittenden headshot

William Chittenden

9/1/20 to 8/31/21

ron johnson headshot

Ron Johnson

9/1/19 to 8/31/20

shannon weigum headshot

Shannon Weigum

9/1/18 to 8/31/19

Valarie fleming headshot

Valarie Fleming

9/1/17 to 8/31/18

Dana garcia headshot

Dana Garcia

9/1/16 to 8/31/17

lisa lloyd headshot

Lisa Lloyd

9/1/15 to 8/31/16

Debra Feakes headshot

Debra Feakes


Gwendolyn Hustvedt headshot

Gwendolyn Hustvedt

9/1/13 to 8/31/14

Vedaraman Sriraman headshot

Vedaraman Sriraman

9/1/12 to 8/31/13

Miriam Williams headshot

Miriam Williams

9/1/11 to 8/31/12

Ani Yazedjian headshot

Ani Yazedjian

9/1/10 to 8/31/11

Gary beall headshot

Gary Beall

9/1/09 to 8/31/10

Nico Schuler headshot

Nico Schuler

9/1/08 to 8/31/09

Michelle Hamilton headshot

Michelle Hamilton

9/1/07 to 8/31/08

paul hart headshot

Paul Hart

9/1/06 to 8/31/07

Debbie Thorne headshot

Debbie Thorne

9/1/07 to 8/31/08

beth wuest headshot

Beth Wuest

9/1/04 to 8/31/05

John DeLeon headshot

John DeLeon

9/1/04 to 8/31/05

Roseann Mandziuk headshot

Roseann Mandziuk

9/1/03 to 8/31/04

Michael Blanda headshot

Michael Blanda

9/1/03 to 8/31/04

Robert McLean headshot

Robert McLean

9/1/01 to 8/31/03

Laurie Fluker headshot

Laurie Fluker

9/1/99 to 8/31/01

Cathy Fleuriet headshot

Cathy Fleuriet

9/1/97 to 8/31/99

Rebecca Bell-Metereau headshot

Rebecca Bell-Metereau

9/1/95 to 8/31/97

Susan Day headshot

Susan Day

9/1/93 to 8/31/95

Ev Swinney headshot

Ev Swinney

9/1/91 to 8/31/93